Student Council

The role of the Student Council is to represent the voice of the learners at the College.

As well as allowing learners the facility to have their opinions heard, learners can join and run the Student council to help them grow and develop their communication skills.

About the Student council
Student Council members are appointed via election by the whole college or by application themselves. The Council exists to represent the feelings, interests, concerns and ideas of the learner body. They do this through speaking to the learners and voicing the learners’ opinions on their behalf to the College. The Council works diplomatically to solve problems and allows the learners to be represented fairly whilst making recommendations and encouraging the College to make positive change.

Some of the things that members of the Council will do include:

  •  Co-producing College policies and marketing material
  • Promoting the College and its activities and encouraging learners to participate
  • Attending meetings, talking and listening to the learner body, considering their views and concerns, and discussing these with the College staff, tutors and experts by experience
  • Reviewing, commenting and making recommendations for improvement of the quality of the learners’ experience; including evaluating courses and workshops
  • Ensuring that all opportunities available across the college uphold recovery values, principles and quality objectives.

You can help the Council and the College by:

  • Voicing your opinions to the College by contacting us
  • Completing an online survey for a course or workshop you have recently attended
  • Encouraging other learners to voice their opinions to the College

What will I gain by joining the Student council?

By joining the Council, you will be helping the College to see the views of the learners; and will be encouraging the College to make changes that benefit the learners and college

As an individual, you will also feel the benefits and rewards of joining the team, such as through the pleasure of giving back to others; which is one of the five ways to wellbeing.

The benefits from being a member of the student council you will :

  • Increasing your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Developing a sensitivity to and awareness of the needs and problems of others
  • Improving your problem solving and communication skills
  • Improving your leadership skills
  • Developing a sense of responsibility and sharing the experience of decision making within the College
  • Forming new relationships with staff members and other learners
  • Developing an understanding, respect and appreciation for cultural differences or similarities.

How to Report a Concern to be Raised at the next meeting

The student council members are displayed in the dining area. You are encouraged to speak with one of the members if there is an issue you would like to raise at the next meeting.

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