We are pleased to announce that the Bistro has been awarded a 5-Star Hygiene by the Food Hygiene Inspector.

Set yourself up for the day !

• Get in early for tea and toast before lessons start and have a chat with staff and/or your peers.
• Complete your order form for break and/or lunch requirements.

Hot Food from £1

Hot food is available in the form of :
• Toasted Sandwiches
• Paninis
• Jacket Potatoes
All with a variety of fillings/toppings such as beans, cheese, tuna, salad or a mixture of more than one.
• Mini Pizzas

Daily specials available i.e spaghetti bolognese, pasta bake, cottage pie

Cold Food from £1

• Sandwiches
• Wraps

All with a variety of fillings such as cheese, tuna, salad or a mixture of more than one

Snacks from 35p

Snacks range from 35p such as
• Crisps
• Nutrition bars
• Chocolate bars
• A selection of fruit



 A selection of sugar free drinks are available :
• Fruit juice
• Flavoured water
• Bottled water
• A selection of canned drinks


Get in Touch


01795 476450



Unit 1 Bonham Drive, Eurolink Business Park, Sittingbourne, ME10 3RY