Fabrication and Welding

Coming Soon to Kite College, the Fabrication and Welding programme will offer:

Level 1 Welding: ideal for anyone who wants to become a welder and is new to welding, metal fabrication, thermal cutting and/or brazing and soldering.
Level 2 Welding: aimed at anyone already working in the industry who wants to develop their welding skills further and advance their career.
Level 3 Welding: for experienced welders who need a qualification to progress to complex welding work and quality control.

Programme details

You will have the opportunity gain understanding and knowledge of the Welding and Fabrication industry.

Programmes will Cover:

  • The principles of health and safety in the workshop
  • Safe working practices for tools and equipment
  • Learn to use welding machines to work sheet metal.
  • Learn the basics of MMG (manual metal arc welding), TIC (tungsten inert gas welding), and MIG (metal inert gas welding).
  • An understanding of measurement and inspection techniques in welding and fabrication

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